PTT+. Instant Communications at the Push of a Button.

Business moves at lightning speed and your employees need communications solutions that help them work more efficiently and make collaboration easier. The latest push-to-talk technology can help them do just that.

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Help boost employee productivity through:

  • Near-instant communications: With a push of a button, employees are ready to communicate and get to work.
  • Larger group-calling sizes and contact assignments: You can instantly talk with up to 250 people at a time and create up to 130 predefined groups.
  • Greater interoperability: Push to Talk and Push to Talk Plus users can easily communicate with each other.
  • Advanced features: Push to Talk Plus lets you take advantage of new features like high-definition voice calling, plus support for simultaneous voice and 4G LTE data use—all while operating on the nation’s largest, most reliable wireless network.
  • Access to 911 emergency resources: Your employees can feel safe knowing that they can still access 911 during an emergency while using Push to Talk Plus.

Push to Talk Plus helps you get jobs done quickly and efficiently by offering faster call speeds and call setup, reduced latency and increased scalability. Plus, it includes built-in management tools that let you easily prioritize talkers and organize contacts for better reference. If callers are running late or need to step out, they can still join or rejoin the conference with a push of a button.

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