Dispatch Console for PTT+

Efficiently locate, manage, and communicate with your mobile workforce.

The Push-to-Talk+ Dispatch Console is an affordable, easy-to-use solution for managing, locating, and communicating with your mobile PTT workforce. The Dispatch Console allows dispatchers to increase efficiency with near instant communications to one or a group of team members at the push of a button, monitor talkgroup discussions, record discussions, and geo-locate PTT+ users on an integrated live map.

Capabilities Make the Difference

Advanced PTT+ Calling

Make or receive 1-to-1 and talkgroup calls to up to 250 members.

Broadcast Calling

Place one-way preemptive calls to up to 500 members.

Monitor Talkgroups

Monitor talk activity on the set of talkgroups you choose.

Scan & Prioritize Talkgroups

Scan for any active discussions and prioritize specific talkgroups.

Record Discussions

Record every call the dispatcher joins automatically or on demand.

GPS Locations

Quickly locate team members on a map. Click on markers to initiate a PTT call.

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